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PDO Thread Lifts for Jowls, Cheeks, Eyes, Neck and Body

Before Cheek Tread Lift
After PDO Thread Lift on cheeks
Threads side before
Immediately after threads
Before Thread lift
Immediately after thread lift
Thread LIFT Neck, Before
Thread Neck, After
Jowls Front
Jowls Front
Thread lift before
Threads 1 wk after
Jowls Pre PDO Thread Lift
PDO Thread lift Front Jowls Front
Mint PDO Threads Before
MINT Thread lift immediately after
Before Left Eye Brow Lift PDO thread
After Left Eye Brow Lift PDO thread
Mint Thread LIFT Neck
PDO Thread Neck Lift
Thread lift split face
PDO FaceLift
Before(LEFT)/After(RIGHT) Treatment

Under Eye Hollowing Correction

Before Tear Trough Filling
After Tear Trough filling
Before Tear Trough Filling
After Tear Trough filling
Before Tear Trough filling
After Tear Trough Filling
Before and After Tear Trough filling

Correction and Enhancement with Filler Procedures

Neck Lines before
Neck Lines after
Extensive crows feet before
Very thin Lips before
Crows feet before
crows feet after
bridge of nose elevation
bridge of nose elevation
superficial smile line before
superficial smile line after
Eyelid and Brow bone Before
Eyelid and brow bone after
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Laser Pigment Removal

Mini Liposuction

Venus Legacy Body Contouring, fat reduction, cellulite reduction, skin tightening

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